Energy Innovation Budget Builder

Energy innovation offers the key to enabling the United States with the technological capabilities to lower GHG emissions, increase energy independence, and provide stable, affordable energy prices for families and businesses.  To move breakthrough energy technologies down the innovation pipeline, public investments in energy innovation are necessary – but do current policies support the right mix of science, research, and commercialization investments? And is the support enough?

Check out the new Energy Innovation Budget Builder to create your own energy innovation budget, and compare it to current FY2012 investments.

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U.S. Spends Too Little on Energy Innovation

The Energy Innovation Tracker was featured in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog on Tuesday in Brad Plumer’s piece, “Four charts that show the U.S. spends too little on energy research.” The piece cited EIT’s 2010 publication, Federal Energy Innovation Spending: Gaps Analysis, which compared contemporary federal investment in energy innovation to recommendations from a number of experts on the subject. The expert consensus suggests that the federal government should be spending between $8 and $30 billion per year – between two and six times FY2012 investment in basic science and R&D. This recommendation is in line with Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz’… Continue Reading

Introducing the Energy Innovation ‘Budget Builder’

A few weeks ago we revealed a new and exciting interactive budget tool based on data directly from the Tracker at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation’s Energy Innovation 2013 Conference, which we’re calling the ‘Budget Builder.’ The tool allows users to allocate $50 billion across five innovation phases (R&D, demonstration, manufacturing, deployment, and procurement), and then scales down those allocations to the actual FY2012 energy innovation investment total of $15 billion. The user can then readjust the allocation across the innovation phase categories and compare their budget to the actual FY2012 distribution. Users can (and are encouraged to) share… Continue Reading



Obama’s Budget Boosts Support for Energy Innovation

April 18, 2013

President Obama released his long-awaited FY2014 budget request and while it’s unlikely the budget will be taken up by Congress in its entirety, it remains an important document. Namely, the proposal is significant because it steadfastly argues that America can continue to support next-generation industries like clean energy. In fact, the President’s proposal budgets for a number of high-profile, high-impact programs, including those aimed at growing the domestic clean energy manufacturing sector, reduce transportation fuel use, and calls on Congress to fund a new Energy Innovation Hub to transform the electricity grid. Across the board, the FY2014 request boosts key… Continue Reading

Congress Passes Full-Year FY2013 Continuing Resolution

March 26, 2013

This year’s budget process has been complicated by a number of factors: confusion surrounding the sequestration cuts, the absence of the President’s FY2014 budget proposal, an expiring Continuing Resolution (CR), and Congress reviewing budget proposals for FY2014 and appropriations bills for FY2013 at the same time. While the FY2014 budget is yet to be decided, last week the House approved the Senate’s version of the Full-Year Consolidated and Further Continuing Resolution Act of 2013, which funds the federal government for the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year. Since the current Continuing Resolution is set to expire on March 27, the… Continue Reading